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Valentine's Day

February 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I'm a bit old fashioned and last week I snail-mailed all 16 grandchildren a Valentine card.  In this high-tech world I know it's till fun to get something in the mail.  My childhood scrapbooks are filled with cards and letters from my own grandma, with messages in her own (cursive!) writing, which I still enjoy looking at and will always cherish.  

In a recent conversation with my youngest daughter, she mentioned to me that she had over 800 pictures in her phone of her two young children.  While she was quite pleased about this, I was horrified!  What if the phone was lost or stolen?  None of those 800 pictures have been printed so no tangible, hard copy exists.  My middle daughter has her hundreds of images in her computer, none of which have been printed either.   

When my kids come home for a visit they love to look through the photo albums and reminisce about their childhood, family vacations, pets, places we've lived, even their own weddings and families.  We've attended a few celebrations of life recently and enjoyed looking through the dozens of pictures that are displayed to honor a life well lived.  Just like I value my grandma's cards and her handwriting, I find great value in the printed picture and am constantly advocating for people to print images they have stored in their devices.  Do something really special this weekend for your Valentines and print some images of them they can hold in their hands, look at often, and even have for future generations.  


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