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Photography and the Educated Consumer

March 03, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The business of professional photography is a tough one.  Everyone's phone has a better camera than many photographers owned not so many years ago.  So, the average Joe and cousin Suzie believe they are photographers and do, at times, capture some great images.  The "real" professional photographer has had to separate himself from the amateurs by becoming even better!  Studio Jay must produce unique images that the consumer can't replicate without appropriate lighting, props, backgrounds, and training, which we strive to do with every photo session.  

That said, I would like to invite all amateur photographers to educate themselves in the field of photography. Today's mail brought me the just-published Community Learning schedule of classes from Central Oregon Community College.  Not only will you find classes on photography and photoshop, COCC spring term offers iPhone Photography Basics and a new class on organizing and securing your digital photos.  See all the possibilities at  

There are several reasons why I welcome and encourage educated consumers. Someone who dabbles in photography will quickly come to know and appreciate how hard so many images are to capture - the newborn sleeping in a perfect pose, the toddler with a genuine sweet smile, the high school senior who miraculously looks like a model, the bride and groom relaxed and romantic, and the large family looking every bit like it was easy & fun to all get together in front of the camera.  Posing is tricky, lighting is tricky, camera settings can be tricky.  Often it's the amateur photographer who is more willing to hire a professional because he/she knows uncle Joe isn't going to be able to produce the images they want at their important event.  And it's fun to shoot a session with someone who knows something about photography and knows what they want, an idea of how to stand, and will take direction for the most flattering pose.   Educate yourself and you'll love what we do even more!


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