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Wedding Day Emotions & Beautiful Images

March 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Spring has sprung and weddings are on our minds!  It is important that Tom and I at Studio Jay meet with the bride and groom several times prior to their wedding day to cover the usual details - the scheduled events of the day and the images they would like us to capture of family, friends, and the bridal party.  But always the conversation turns to the expected mood of the day.  We offer a pep talk to the bride and groom about relaxing and enjoying themselves.  That idea seems rather obvious, but is not naturally the way things go on a busy, potentially stressful day.  Couples have generally devoted much energy (and money!) over a period of many months to work out each detail of their wedding.  So when that day finally arrives and they want it to be PERFECT, it's hard to let the control pass to someone else and simply enjoy each moment of the day. 

Also, most people aren't comfortable posing in front of a camera, especially when they are nervous about looking perfect - hair, gown, make-up, nails, jewelry, etc. and perhaps worrying about the arrival of the flowers and cake and if Auntie Ann is going to get along with Cousin Kate.  A wonderful article appeared in Brides magazine entitled "Wedding Photographers Share 7 Secrets for Looking Better in Photos". The number one idea was Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, in other words, just let it go.  The article notes that far superior photos will be possible of someone relaxed and enjoying the day versus someone who is nervous, self-conscious, or stressed.  "Live it, be in the moment and stop worrying.  The camera will pick up that happiness, the genuine smile, the emotions."  On your wedding day commit to feeling the love you share, sharing the love you feel, and loving the day!


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