Studio Jay | "I Just Want a Few Pictures of the Family"

"I Just Want a Few Pictures of the Family"

September 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

After watching a slideshow of their wedding day, Tom handed over the thumb drive of wedding images to an overjoyed bride and groom. 

When Nancy called Studio Jay several months ago looking for a wedding photographer, she was quick to let me know exactly why she only needed a photographer for a few hours of the wedding day.  Older, second marriage for her and the groom, grown children and grandchildren, no wedding party, small wedding, no dancing, no getting ready photos please.  "I'm just looking for someone to take professional pictures of our family and a few of the wedding and you were recommended to me."

Nancy and I discussed more at length what images she was wanting, my suggestions and what we would like to provide for her.  A plan was created we were both pleased with and Studio Jay became her wedding day photographer.

As soon as we arrived at the wedding venue on the big day, I was excited about Nancy's decision to hire a professional photographer to capture the images we felt would be valuable to the couple in years to come.  No, we weren't going to take pictures of the bride and groom getting ready.  But here were the good friends huddled in the kitchen preparing food.  Click.  There was the groom's son in his pre-wedding grubbies with the barbecue beef.  Click.  There was the ring bearer's dad helping the youngster into his suit.  Click.  Ahhh - there were the rings on their satin pillow throne.  Click.  There was the granddaughter playing her violin prelude music.  Click.  And there was the beautiful yard, empty chairs awaiting guests, archway, mountain backdrop and blue skies.  Click. So many scenes play out while the bride and groom are busy getting ready and hiding out. 

When all was said and done, over 500 "clicks" edited into 265 priceless, precious images of an enchanting day.


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