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The 'Do Not Play' List

February 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Studio Jay offers professional wedding photography and a wedding DJ service.  A recent article in the Bend (Oregon) Bulletin's Book of Love caught my attention and I felt a need to blog about an important topic for bridal couples, the 'Do Not Play' list.  Whether DJ-ing or photographing a wedding, we personally meet and visit with every couple prior to wedding day.  Obviously, a DJ will want to know what song choices you've made for the bride's processional, couple's recessional, first dance, daddy-daughter dance, etc.  And of course we discuss the genre of music you like and gather a play list of your favorite songs.  But - oops - I have to admit that I have seldom come away from those meetings with a Do Not Play list.  Maybe a particular song is associated with a negative or sad memory.  What if the DJ starts to spin a tune that was a favorite of your ex?  Ugh!  At every wedding we've DJ-ed the past few years we've played the YMCA at some point in the evening.  Doesn't everybody like to get out on the dance floor and move to YMCA?  Yeah, I thought so. Until we did a wedding last summer where the bride and groom simultaneously sent us a thumbs down as soon as they heard the first measure of YMCA.  Who knew?

A 'Do Not Play' list is just as important for a wedding photographer.  It may be termed a 'Do Not Shoot' list, but a must just the same.  We sincerely strive to get to know a bride and groom and get a 'feel' for their personalities.  But sometimes I'm surprised by the shy bride who wants an image of the wedding party jumping in the air. We shot a wedding several years ago in which the bride and groom simply did not want any traditional romantic poses.  Again,                 who knew?  

For a bride and groom, usually their wedding is their first.  Tom and I at Studio Jay have many a wedding under our belts.  Experience has taught us that we are not mind readers and a 'Do Not Play/Do Not Shoot' list is a requirement.  Attention brides! Add to the dozens of items on your To Do list, the Do Nots!


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