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It's Not About The Pixels Anymore

April 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

My 84 year old mother-in-law just upgraded her phone to the new iPhone 6s.  Not only can these new smartphones practically sing and dance, their cameras have12 megapixels and photoshop features!  Heck, it was only 15 years or so ago that the professional photographer, transitioning from film to digital images, would brag about his or her stand alone digital camera with 8 megapixels.  As Tom and I recently discussed his mom's new phone and it's camera's capabilities, we lamented that obviously, in professional photography, it's not about the pixels anymore.

A pixel is the smallest single component of a digital image.  A dot.  The more pixels used to represent an image, the closer the result can resemble the original.  So the higher the megapixels, the higher the quality of the photographic image.  More pixels (actually measured in megapixels) allows users to print their pictures at larger sizes without a reduction in image quality.

So we're back to the age-old question:  why hire a professional photographer instead of Uncle Joe with his iPhone 6s?  Leaving the wedding or baby portrait photography to a non-pro is a recipe for disaster, no matter how many megapixels Aunt Alice's device delivers.  In this day and age, Studio Jay must provide a superior experience for the client.  And we must have better lighting, posing ideas, composition and expression.  We must also have the capacity to make our images stand out with professional post processing and finishing.  Brides today want it all - the classic family photos, a lot of fun informal photos, and something artistic for their wall.  The experienced professional can give this to them, while the college roommate without training cannot.  And, sigh, it still is a little bit about the megapixels.  Tom's high-end Canon, with 24 megapixels, provides those life-like thirty inch by forty inch wall hangings clients want of their wedding day or precious newborn or sweet family.  

Pixels + posing + processing = professional photographer.  We're proud members of Professional Photographers of America.  Check out their cool link:   "".




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