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Wedding Vendor Attire

June 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

A concerned bride wrote to a Dear Abby wedding columnist to inquire how best she could ask her wedding vendors to dress appropriately for her big day.  What?!?  Any professional DJ, photographer, officiant, entertainer, or server should KNOW how to dress for the occasion.  The associate delivering the cake or flowers or dance floor certainly could arrive in jeans or shorts but would be gone well before guests arrive.  Those who will be present during the ceremony and/or reception will dress to blend in.  I've never had a bride or groom ask how we will dress for their wedding.  As experienced professionals, with Studio Jay, knowing how is a given.  In our pre-event consultation we specifically ask about wedding colors, style, and attire.  Will the groom be wearing a tux or suit and tie?  Perhaps, as is quite popular in our part of the country, new western jeans with a collared shirt and vest.  Tom and I dress accordingly in style and color.  

Yes, we're in an era of casual dress and anything goes attitude.  But if you hire a professional, you shouldn't have to explain appropriate attire.  Expect professionalism!


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