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Winter Wedding Please

January 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Ahhh, another snow day!  The winter wonderland in central Oregon is breathtaking.  The kids are excited to have school closed mid-week and I'm excited to be "stuck" at home catching up in my office.  If only, I'm dreaming, we had a wedding this weekend.  Well, OK, I have to admit it's a little frigid (10 degrees) to be shooting a bride and groom outside.  But it's suppose to be 30-40 this weekend and that would be perfect.  

At a wedding pros meeting about a month ago I had a conversation with another photographer on this very subject.  When I expressed that I sure wish we had some winter snow weddings lined up, said photographer shuddered and responded that she HATED winter and if anyone called her to photograph a winter wedding she'd refer them to us.  Wow, yes, please.  I love winter and snow covered trees and snow on the mountains and a crackling fire.  

The possibilities are endless.  If you don't believe it, do a google search and marvel at all that pops up.  In central Oregon winter backdrops and venues are stunning and numerous.  There are mountains, rivers, forests, caves, rock formations, and  waterfalls.  A wedding couple could have their celebration in a rustic but enchanting barn or majestic lodge.  Just step out the door for those snow-globe photos.  I picture FUR (or faux) with that elegant wedding dress; snow white, brown, or deep red.  What playful images of the bride and groom on snowshoes or cross country skis with their heavy boots and festive wool socks.  Oh, and the two of them wrapped in a colorful Pendleton wool blanket and warming their hands by a fire in the snow.  

Need another reason to think winter wedding?  You're likely to find noticeably reduced off-season rates for that gorgeous dream venue and other wedding vendors.  A friend is headed off to a wedding at central Oregon's Elk Lake this week, to be  accessed exclusively by Snowcat!  The bride and groom and family will spend several days in the cabins at the lake and snowmobile.  I'm jealous! I blogged this same subject two years ago and obviously still feel the same.  WInter weddings are beautiful!  Bring 'em on.


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