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Vintage Is In

October 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Don't you just love a beautiful wedding dress?  Where's the one you wore on your wedding day?  Mine resides in a garment bag in the guest room closet.

Studio Jay has been a piece of dozens of weddings and, obviously, every wedding dress has been unique.  We have seen dresses purchased from the internet as well as those from custom bridal suites; short, long, western, simple, elaborate, straight, puffy, with and without a train.  But no matter the dress, the dress is always breathtaking and the bride is always breathtaking in the dress.

While most brides seem to want their own new wedding gown, I have noticed an uptick in a movement of those who find great joy in walking down the aisle in their mom or grandma's wedding dress. Vintage is very much "in" with regards to wedding decor and photo sessions.  And honoring mom and grandma is always a lovely gesture. 

A recent Pop Sugar article told of a bride wearing the wedding dress that had been worn by both her mother and grandmother.  Not only was the dress stunning, but mom and grandma were great examples of long, happy and successful marriages.  A Boise, Idaho bride featured in a news clip surprised her sweet grandma by wearing grandma's wedding dress, eliciting memories from grandma of her own love story.

This idea seems like a win-win to me.  The bride saves money on a wedding dress, looks stunning, AND pays tribute to wonderful women in her life. Hmmm, I hope this trend never goes out of style.  I'd love to see one of my own granddaughters in MY wedding dress.  


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