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What Comes After "She Said Yes"?

February 13, 2017  •  1 Comment

It's Valentine's day/month/season, one of the top three dates couples become engaged.  Congratulations!

It's a quick jump from "I'm engaged!" to "Yikes, what do I do now?".

Start with a heart-to-heart (yes, Valentine's pun intended) discussion with your significant other.  You want a small intimate affair in your grandparent's backyard and he wants 250 of his best friends to party after a 5-course plated dinner at the nicest golf club in town.  Or maybe he's thinking cowboy boots and hat and you picture a totally formal event.  Well, you need NOT hash out specific details right off the bat, but at least agree on a general vision for your wedding, remembering that you are equals and both opinions are valued.  

Set a date!  And at first that may mean just narrowing down a season and year with flexibility based on family schedules and venue availability.  When Tom and I got married 10 years ago we decided on a small family wedding.  The date didn't matter as much to us as did the guests.  So we had our immediate family pencil out a calendar that covered a 6 month window and block out any time they absolutely wouldn't be able to attend a central Oregon wedding.  Some spent winters in Arizona, some always did weeks in Mexico, etc.  When we overlaid everyone's calendars, surprisingly we ended up with only about 3 weekends to choose from.  It was a simple but perfect method for us to come up with a wedding date.  While you can choose a general season or month, it will be necessary to decide on a date or a couple of possible dates in order to book a venue and vendors.  

After WHEN comes WHERE.  This is important!  Venues in central Oregon book up quickly, especially for summer weddings.  (Keep in mind off-season dates are almost always easier to secure and generally cost less).  Even if you've decided on grandma's backyard, as much prior notice as possible is a must.  Family will want to plant, prune, and paint.  

Wedding date.  Check.  Wedding venue.  Check.  Whew!  Congratulations again.  You just cleared two major wedding planning hurdles.  Now take a few weeks off to breathe and enjoy each other, talking about anything except weddings:)  Vow to love the process together!  And Happy Valentine's.  


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