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Mini Session Mom

March 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Tom and I of Studio Jay recently attended a Legends in Photography workshop.  Sandy Puc' and our central Oregon's own Kevin Kubota were our Legend presenters.  So inspiring to hear and learn from the best!  In a marketing segment, we discussed the mini-session-mom.  You know, the mom (usually) who wants a photo shoot and the digital files.  Nothing else.  What a tragedy.  Not because we're missing out on print/canvas/album sales, but because she's going to miss out forever.

A mom who isn't busy is unheard of, a contradiction of terms.  Yes, we're all planning to print those images, send grandma pictures for Mother's Day, and jump on Shutterfly to make a cute album.  We also know the road to H, E, double hockey sticks is paved with good intentions.  

At our Legends seminar we talked about how quickly technology becomes obsolete.  Remember the floppy disc? VHS? Cassettes?  The point is, the mom who 'owns' her images on a CD or jump drive will one day find herself unable to load those in her new device.  A thumb drive is simply not an heirloom to pass down to the next generation. What will you have to display at your 50th wedding anniversary?  Classic prints and an album or a pretty box with a thumb drive?  

Tom and I also have been frustrated knowing the well-intentioned client will go home with nothing more than digital files.  While that may have been golden a few years ago, we now view it as a real loss.  We've bumped into too many clients who smile and answer "I've been going to do that" when asked if they ever printed some of their images, even years after their photo session.  Having them on your Facebook page or phone doesn't count.

To make us feel better and better serve our clients, we now include something printed with every package we offer.  Even the mini session of "shoot and just the digital files" now includes an 11 x 14 thinwrap from the client's favorite image.  We insist.  And we'll all be much happier in years to come!


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