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May 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I'm sitting in the Salt Lake Airport headed home from 5 days in Wyoming and my oldest daughter's wedding.  She planned a fairly small, simple, country-chic themed event and it was beautiful.  Best of all, we love her new husband and truly believe they will be kind and respectful and bring out the best in each other.  

Tom was enlisted to photograph and DJ the wedding.  That required some creative pre-trip packing and he had to be somewhat selective of the sound and camera gear he chose to fly with.  When we arrived in Wyoming I started in with my usual wedding photo checklist and instructions:  make sure you get the flowers and cake and rings and gorgeous fingernails as well as all the cousins, parents, siblings, grandma, etc., etc.  "I only brought ONE lens!" was Tom's response. WHAT?!  I had an instant flash of him at other weddings with 2 cameras strapped to his hips, me with a 3rd, all equipped with different lenses.  There's the wide angle, the telephoto, the macro, and who knows what else.  I threw up my hands and with a laugh, told my daughter "yup, that's why you hire a professional!"

Well, never fear, the wedding images came out super.  But we did have to compromise.  Tom would have much rather had the usual multiple lenses and lights. The music was great, too, but just a small mixer plugged into the church's mediocre sound system.  His experience, skill, and professional equipment has grown greatly over the years.  I had been taking all that for granted until we had to make do with less.  I'm happy with the results and appreciate state of the art equipment we have to insure that every event with Studio Jay is a success. 


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