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Get Me To The Church On Time

June 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

DSCF0709DSCF0709 Another beautiful wedding on another beautiful central Oregon spring day.  The snow-covered Three Sisters and Broken Top mountains stood majestically in the background behind the wedding arch.  Mt. Jefferson loomed off to the right.  Just barely noticeable between the outdoor ceremony area and the mountains is Reif Road.  This quiet country road takes a few travelers to their homes beyond and also serves guests turning into the venue.  So as wedding guests face the nuptials and the mountains beyond, the road is hidden until a vehicle cruises by.

This blog is not directed at the bride and groom and the wedding party, but rather at all you who will be wedding guests this summer.  Vendors and those involved in the production of a wedding always arrive well ahead of the designated ceremony time.  Get Me To The Church On Time is code for wedding guests, don't be late!  In fact, if the invitation says 4:00, guests should be seated by 3:45.  Everyone should allow buffer time to find parking at the venue, maneuver to the site of the wedding, and be directed to their seats.  

What prompted this blog is that beautiful outdoor wedding with the mountains in the background.  The 4:00 wedding ceremony actually didn't start until 4:10 since a few cars could be seen trickling in.  With the bride and her dad making their way down the aisle, here came another vehicle slowly driving by and turning into the venue.  And another and another.  I counted 4 late-comers.  If the venue access was behind the scenes we would be none the wiser.  But in this case all of the wedding was witness to late arrivers.  Not just the guests, but the photographer and wedding videographer with cameras pointed at the bride and groom, the arch, the mountains, and - YIKES - the stray cars looking for the wedding.  I cringed every time and would have liked to put up a roadblock as the wedding began, stopping traffic with "you're late and you'll mess up the pictures and video and scenery and you'll be a distraction to the wedding.  Grrrr."  'Fashionably late' is a lie.  There is no fashionably late when it comes to a wedding.  Be considerate and be a bit early.  You'll have a few minutes to wave hellos to other guests and soak in the ambiance.  A wedding is a magical event and you'll want to be a part of it all.  


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