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Traditions Changed By Technology

June 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I got a kick out of this recent read:  "Things we don't do any more because of technology."  I did discover that I'm old fashioned, or just plain old, 'cause I still do some of these things.  How about you?

~Memorize phone numbers.  I only know 3 - mine, my husband's, and my mom's - the house number she's had for 50 years.

~Use a phone book.  Guilty!  I still do this.  My co-workers want me to alert them when I'm headed to the phone book so they can race me to see if they can find the number faster on their smartphone.  Guess what?  It's always either a tie or I win!

~Use a phone BOOTH.  Do these even still exist?

~Call a theater to get movie times.  Nope.

~Cut things out of a newspaper and mail to others because "I thought you might find this interesting."  Guilty.  Just ask my kids.

~Get your checks back from the bank.  Thank heavens we don't have to mess with those anymore.

~Have a CD or record collection.  I got rid of my records, though I feel a little sad thinking about that.

~Make photo albums.  WHAT?!?  If you don't know how I feel about this just read a few of my blogs.  Everyone please, don't let this tradition die out.  Print some of your favorite pictures and stick them in an album.  You'll thank me later.

~Record your favorite TV programs by popping in the VHS tape and hitting record.  That's actually a sweet memory, and I have to confess that I still have a VCR!

~Send a handwritten letter.  Again, guilty, on purpose - or maybe I should say - with purpose.  My dear grandma died over 30 years ago and I so treasure the cards and letters she sent me.  Of course, they're in an old fashioned scrapbook.  I love that I know her handwriting and want my grandkids to know mine.



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