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Wasted Money On Your Wedding?

June 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

A recent internet article listed the top items couples felt they wasted money on for their wedding.  Some things were a surprise, others not.  What do you think?

~Programs.  "Who cares.  Everyone knows what's going on anyway".  Studio Jay hasn't done many central Oregon weddings that included programs, so, yeah, maybe I agree.  Except for those programs that doubled as fans for the heat-of-the-day ceremony.  Great idea.

~Wedding favors.  "Cute but thrown in a junk drawer after".  I've seen favors at about half the weddings we've been a part of, everything from small jars of homemade jam to monogrammed golf balls.  Yeah, fun but not necessary.  

~Shoes.  We love to photograph the shoes!  Fabulous, fun, funky, or flip-flops.  There are so many great choices without spending a bunch of money on them.  My biggest advice when it comes to shoes is COMFORT.  I've seen many a bride kick off their heels early in the evening because "my feet are killing me".

~Dress.  This goes either way.  We have photographed brides who looked stunning in an inexpensive dress purchased online or at Macy's and also the gorgeous bride in a more traditional and more expensive gown.  Go with your style and your budget on this one.

~Flowers.  I LOVE flowers.  But they can be expensive and sadly they only live a week or so.  Many brides and their friends are putting together their own arrangements with flowers from Costco, Trader Joe's, and those ordered online.  I like a combination of professionally done bridal bouquet, boutonnieres, and corsages with other flowers arranged by talented friends.  

~Guest book.  I really like the idea of a guest book and they aren't expensive, so I don't know why couples would think this was a waste.  A guest book is a great way to help remember who was at your wedding.  And there are so many simple creative ways to have your guests leave their name and well wishes.

Anyone preparing for a wedding can attest to the fact that there are literally thousands of wedding ideas from friends and the internet.  Tom and I recommend you pick and choose what fits your style and your budget.  Don't try to do too much or you'll make yourself crazy AND poor!  Decide what things are "must haves" and then minimize the rest.  Whether it's elaborate or simple, your wedding will be beautiful.  



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