Studio Jay | Dancing at 95 (degrees, that is)

Dancing at 95 (degrees, that is)

July 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Last summer I blogged about wedding plan B or what if it rains on my wedding day.  We're lucky in central Oregon because we boast sunny skies nearly 100% of the time.  Hot summer days sometimes bring an afternoon thundershower, but it's generally short-lived.  Those storms actually produce dramatic pictures in that the sky turns dark and the wind blows in.  We DJ-d a wedding just two weeks ago on an unusual day of pouring rain.  It came to a halt and the sun popped out long enough for the outdoor wedding ceremony.  The reception inside was beautiful with the doors flung open to the warm summer air, rain falling again on the pond nearby.  And ahhh, everyone should experience the smell of summer rain in central Oregon.  Unforgettable.

Interestingly, the only real weather-related issue Studio Jay has encountered in this part of the country is a too-hot wedding day.  A beautiful Eagle Crest wedding last summer was dampened a bit by temperatures that hit 102 degrees during pre-ceremony outdoor photographs.  With the bride we had selected specific backdrops to include the Deschutes River and unique juniper trees.  While Tom and I generally smile and endure whatever comes our way, the bride was having none of it.  Of course she was the one wearing a tight 30 pound dress!  She didn't want to expose her bridal bouquet to the heat either, for fear it would droop before she even walked down the aisle.  River Run event center has some beautiful indoor (and air conditioned) architecture so all was not lost.

Two weeks ago we were loading gear to DJ an outdoor wedding and reception with a forecast of 94 degrees. This was to be out of town on private property with natural terrain and vegetation, but with no shade trees.  How many canopies should we pack?  Maybe fans, ice, lots of water obviously.  What a relief when we pulled up to the wedding site and discovered that the nuptials, with the same concern about the heat, had rented a heavy-duty 40' x 40' white canvas tent, big-top style.  Lights had been strung along the perimeter and throughout.  The whole day was comfortable and fun and the shade was enough to encourage guests to get up and dance.

The take-away here is still that a Plan B is important for any special event.  Mother Nature is unpredictable, and hot sunny summer days can be just as much a problem as a threatening storm.  Plan so that you and your guests will be comfortable and able to enjoy the day. 


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