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July 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

RSVP, an acronym for the French line "repondez s'il vous plait".  In English that's the favor of a reply is requested, or hey, let me know if you're coming or not!  Sounds like a simple request.  But over and over I hear brides and grooms and their families lament that many guests have failed to RSVP even though that request was sent with the wedding invitation.  A co-worker's daughter is getting married in 2 weeks and they are encountering the same problem.  They have begun calling those they haven't heard back from.  Holy cow, what bride or mom of bride has time to do that?!  

An RSVP requires a phone call, a text, an email, or perhaps dropping the return RSVP card in the mail.  I suppose there's a number of reasons why guests don't RSVP.  My own daughter didn't respond to a wedding invite last summer (for which I scolded her).  She really had no excuse other than she's a royal procrastinator.  I suppose some people simply don't/can't commit.  Most others know they can or can't attend a function but just don't bother with the RSVP - "forgot", "of course I'm going to be there", "they already know we're out of town that weekend",  "what does it matter", etc., etc.  

I don't want to sound snippy, but if you don't RSVP when it's requested, you're being rude.  To respond yes or no is very important.  In this day and age most weddings are expensive and couples are working to stay within a budget.  Venues may charge thousands of dollars and sometimes the fee is adjusted according to how many guests will be attending.  Tables, chairs, and linens are rented and nobody wants to pay for empty tables.  Food is probably the #1 most important reason brides need an RSVP.  Most weddings are providing hors d'oeuvres and/or dinner.  Not only do caterers need to know how much food to prepare, they often charge PER GUEST.  It's customary for a caterer's contract to require an exact head count by a certain number of days prior to the event and that's what is charged no matter who doesn't show.  And, how does a bride know how many cupcakes, brownies, or desserts should be ordered?  

Be helpful, be courteous and let your host know how many from your party will be attending the event.  It will be greatly appreciated!


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