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Wedding Show 101

February 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Whew!  Taking a breather after last weekend's Cascades Wedding Show.  For vendors, it can be quite a lot of work.  We chose to go with simple this year and that worked out well for us.  There's still the stress of making sure you've packed everything you need.  Last weekend I forgot my 'tool box' of duct tape, scissors, extension cords, etc. but managed without all that stuff this time.

We talked to hundreds of wedding couples Saturday and I never sat down once.  It was loads of fun and hopefully those brides and grooms will choose Studio Jay for their wedding needs.  But what about those nuptials wandering the convention floor?  I'm sure many of them got a bit overwhelmed with all the beautiful possibilities and, yes, often expensive possibilities!

I came up with a few tips for wedding show attendees in hopes that they will have the same fun day that the vendors experience.  

1)  Relax and take your time.  If you walk slowly you'll notice more details and gather more ideas than if you're speeding through the convention center.  If your BFF wants to tag along but has another appointment in a few hours, leave her home.  This will take awhile.  

2)  Talk to the vendors even if you don't think you need their services.  I can't count how many groups I talked to about wedding venues after handing them our card for photography and DJ because so many were still shopping for a place to host their special day.  Most vendors have participated in lots of weddings, love weddings, and are more than happy to share the experiences they've had with venues, florists, caterers, etc.  

3) Put your name in the hat for all the drawings and give-aways.  Hey, somebody has to win and it might just be you.  I will tell you, however, that most vendors who gather names and emails will contact you after the show.  Endure those extra emails in your inbox and, again, use them to your advantage by asking for wedding tips even if you don't need their specific services.

4) Don't stress about having it all or doing it all.  You really wouldn't want it all anyway because many different styles are represented at the show.  Breathe and don't worry about trying to do everything you see at the wedding show.  Snap some images with your phone of the cake you like, flower arrangement, table setting, wedding dress, etc.  

5)  Take notes!  Or at least write a big YES! on your favorite caterer's business card.  You'll get home with a bag full of business cards and brochures, and then agonize over which DJ was the one you enjoyed visiting with and wanted to revisit.  

Bottom line - ENJOY.  Not just the wedding show, but the whole wedding journey.  Reach out and let all of us who know and love weddings help you.  



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