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Fading Wedding Fads

March 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I honestly don't spend much time surfing the web.  But I do 'click' on wedding-related articles and blogs as I'm always interested in learning more and reading other wedding opinions.  I got a good chuckle out of a recent blog written about all the "overplayed wedding trends".  So, either I'm behind the times, the Northwest lags East Coast trends, or maybe/mostly who cares?!

My philosophy is "it's my party and I'll do what I want to."  Really - everyone has different tastes and that what makes your wedding unique and personal.  We photograph and DJ at the same venue multiple times a year.  But I am always sweetly surprised at the uniqueness of each event.  It never looks or feels the same and that's one of the things I love about weddings.

So here's the list of "overplayed trends".  But don't let some journalist discourage you from doing just what you like, what fits your personality and budget, and feels fun and right to you and your quests. 

1.  Mason jars.  Ha! I love these - perfect for everything from juniper sprigs to roses.

2.  Photo booths with cheesy props.  Really?  I love these, too.  Photo booths offer guests another layer of fun and entertainment with the bonus of a take away photo of themselves having fun at your wedding.


3.  Barn weddings.  Are they kidding?  Barns can be rustic or romantic, casual or classy.  Weathered barn wood serves as a striking backdrop for a gorgeous wedding couple.  Maybe this author just hasn't experienced a central Oregon barn wedding.

4.  Cutesy signage.  Love that, too.


5.  Quirky footwear.  Yeah, love this, too.  Photographing fun and unique socks, shoes, sandals, etc. shows off personalities.  Look set this groom and his buddies.  They're having fun and are totally engaged in the wedding day.


6.  Choreographed dances.  This could only go wrong if participants have had too much to drink.

7.  Personalized cocktails.  I don't drink so I can do without this, but it's very popular around here.

8.  Wedding hashtags.  Hey, if it works for you and your guests, go for it!

Remember, it's your day and it's your party!


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